Hello! We’re Fingertips, a pop rock band from Portugal, and we will be in Australia for the next week.
Here you can find out a little more about us, check out our schedule and share our daily adventures… We invite you to go dive with us!
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Hello guys! Finally we arrived to Sydney. Check out our photo from the flight. Isn’t it so beautiful?
Australia is a dream.. Everything is big and shinny.
It’s 6:00 in the morning, so we are anxious to go to the hotel and sleep a little bit to charge the batteries for the showcase.
See you!


Second day in Sydney. We went to the studio very early to rehearsal for the showcase.
Meanwhile, in the way to the studio we came across with a enormous tree! It’s magnificent!
Regarding yesterday’s show, it was amazing! We hope that today everything goes great again. The expectations are high.
See you tomorrow?


All set? Action! Let’s start the day with a very rich breakfast and get ready for another round of showcases. Today is going to be all around with the media. All we want? Play all night long. And maybe stop a little bit to chat and refeel.
We hope that by the end of the day, we still have time for a drink in a nice bar.


Tonight we had a chance to walk by the streets of Sydney and watch Vivid Sydney, after the showcase. It is all about music, lights and arts! It was awesome, very vivid… You know?
Tomorrow is going to be our last day here, we can’t believe it! It’s been so fast…
See you!


Last day in Sydney, oh nooo. Can we stay more time, please??
Our goodbye show is going to be to the industry people. Yesterday we had a little problem with the amps, so… we hope that nothing happens today. It’s the last one, so, nothing can ruin it.
Hopefully, we’re going to buy some souvenirs after the show… Our families are counting on that.
See you!


Bye bye Australia. Hello Portugal! Yes, Portugal, but just for a few days, because thursday we’re leaving again. This is non-stop!
Hope we’re enjoying this adventures. Stay tuned!